Warranty Card

1. Warranty Period

The warranty period starts from the original date of using of the equipment. Aman provides a free warranty of one year for the customer. For equipment used more than one year, Aman will charge for repair service and parts replaced.

Customer should show the Equipment Acceptance Letter to confirm the valid warranty period while requiring service from Aman during the warranty period. If the customer fails to show the document, Aman will refer the date of the fifteenth day after the equipment leave-factory date as the start of the warranty period.

2. Warranty Coverage

If the equipment does not function as warranted for which caused by product quality during the free warranty period, please contact Aman or your reseller to obtain warranty service. Aman will provide freely technical support by telephone and fax; we will engage to send the replace part to customer. If technical persons should be sent to the local of customer, the travel expenditures will be in charge by customer. Customers do not need to pay the replaced parts during the free warranty period.

Machines exceeded the free warranty period will be charged for the services which according to the labor hours and costs of parts.

3. This warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Failure resulting from misuse, unsuitable physical or operating environment, or improper operations and maintenance by customers.
  2. Damage cause by irresistible force (earthquake, flood, fire, lighting strike and unstable voltage etc.).
  3. Wearing parts such as fuse, mouse, and keyboard.
  4. Failure caused by modification operated by persons other than that authorized by Aman.
  5. Without warranty card or purchase voucher.
  6. Product purchase voucher does not agree with the product model.
  7. Product has exceeded the free warranty period

Note: For situations of number 1 and 2, Aman provides free repair service yet the costs of replaced parts is required to be paid by the customer if the equipment is covered in free warranty period.

Customers should carefully read the instructions of the User Manual before operating the equipment. When operates the equipment, please strictly follow the operation guideline. Please contact Aman for any queries.