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Industrial Truck Weighing

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  • OIML R134 certified for legally compliant weighing
  • Unique quartz measurement technology for extreme precision
  • Quick installation in ports, industrial facilities and mines with minimal disruption
  • Maintenance-free, even during continuous long-term usage
  • Sealed and fully embedded sensors
  • Easy integration of RFID transmitters or LPR cameras

Being able to efficiently weigh a large number of trucks in a short amount of time is key at industrial production sites, such as cement plants, mines and ports. The trucks are usually weighed for two reasons: to invoice industrial goods by weight and to check axle loads or total loads.

The OIML-certified WIM data logger and piezoelectric Lineas quartz strip sensors from Kistler can be used to weigh trucks at any speed. The Weigh In Motion system increases throughput to several hundred trucks per hour and provides law-conforming trade data for billing goods by weight. Kistler offers a complete WIM package for industrial weighing, which comprises all the necessary components for setting up the system.

This has many advantages over traditional platform scales: Although the flow rate can increase to several hundred trucks per hour, the system transmits commercial data in accordance to legal regulations in order to invoice goods on a mass basis. Kistler offers a complete WIM package for the progressive weighing of industrial trucks and the package contains all the key equipment required to install a WIM system.