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Vehicle Dimensions Scanning System

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It used for measuring automotive emission exhaust CO, HC, CO2, O2, and NO

LCD display with Chinese/English operation menu. It is easy to operate

Inside bench is world advanced bench that meets OIML Class 0 made by HORIBA Japan. The other sensors are imported worldbrand products

It has the functions with auto zero, auto calibration and leak check

Flexible probe can suit almost all kinds of tail tubes

It is equipped with the newest aluminum alloy drain separator, so that the efficiency of water separation is better

Original 30 seconds fast warm-up function

Auto compensation ambient pressure and environmental temperature for eliminating variable influence

Auto calculate engine AFR

It is equipped with two idle test functions

It can store more than 200 measuring results for read

It is equipped with standard RS-232 interface and DC 0-1V

Signal output for connecting to computer easily

Enables soft upgrade via ISP interface