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Forklift Hook With Scale GLW

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  • Load hook scale for forklift trucks
  • Capacity: 2500 kg / Division 500 g
  • Sturdy welded construction - lacquered surface
  • Securing against slippage with screw fastening for locking the device on the tines
  • Including swivel hooks
  • Max. dimensions of the forks: 190 x 70 mm.
  • Own weight: 24 kg

The load hook scale GLW is a forklift hook with an integrated weighing system. This lifting device enables the forklift to work as a crane. Through a forklift hook in the crosshead guide a load distribution on two forklift tines is achieved. The fork lifting beam for fork tines is equipped with a swiveling load hook with a safety lock. The toggle screw (Screw-fixing/clamping lever) secures the lifting beam to prevent slipping. Before use, the sustainability and the center distance relating to the forklift must be checked.